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Building valuable brand awareness

Social Media Management: Relevant & targeted content.


Cérebro Funcional

Time period

09-11-2020 — 09-01-2021

The physiotherapy, orthopaedics, neurology, speech therapy and orthotics consultation and treatment specialist Cérebro Funcional, wanted to increase its brand awareness to encourage conversions.

The challenge

Cérebro Funcional is an integrated rehabilitation clinic that needed help increasing its online exposure. Their objectives consisted of the following: Strengthen and increase brand awareness, engage their target audience, retain and reach new customers and generate potential partnerships. They wanted Vaawel to come up with a strategy for success.

The proposal solution

As the brand has such a strong mission and values, we were confident that we would be able to deliver the growth the company was looking for. Our first step, after understanding the objectives, was to create a company page on the platform with the most active users to date — Facebook — which would serve as a channel for engaging the target audience.

Next, we drew up a detailed plan for creating and sharing content, and segmenting interactions with the target audience to maximise the efficiency of the process. Due to the nature of the brand (no online presence), we opted to act organically in the first month so that when we started distributing content through paid ads, we would reach the planned goals.

The results

Through our consistent and thoughtful approach to testing, we were able to find a winning combination. Finally, we increased brand awareness. Halfway through the second month, we organically obtained the following metrics:

  • 1375 range;
  • 559 interactions;
  • 32.5% engagement rate;
  • 6 potential customers.

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Building valuable brand awareness
Social Media Management: Relevant & targeted content.